Episode 020 – The Podcast vs Edward Scissorhands (1990)

We discuss the case of Edward Scissorhands a young man discovered with sharp blades for hands who ultimately would commit multiple crimes before a teenage boy was eventually killed in a small suburban community.

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Listen to Episode 20 – 01:16:53

One Reply to “Episode 020 – The Podcast vs Edward Scissorhands (1990)”

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    With only two episodes so far, this podcast has established a compelling and thoughtful format. I like how they explain the case well, then take it to court to explore the facts, motives and weaknesses in the case. The 3 hosts are smart, interesting and different enough to make for a good show. I look forward to hearing more episodes, and to a long successful show. Oh – also – the not so subtle Muppet theme – wins my heart. If you are a fan of the truth and crime then you will absolutely want to listen to Absolutely True True Crime: A Deadly Serious Podcast. For too long I waited for a podcast that provides a serious analysis of the Pennywise murders and now my wait is finally at an end. To the makers of this 00004000 podcast I say, Thank you. Thank you for releasing me from this limbo state. Now let s hear about the grotesqueries enacted by Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett!

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